Meat Market

Artesia Wells, TX

If you are looking for fine cut meats in the Artesia Wells, TX area, then you should look no further than Narvaez Beef Inc., in Artesia Wells, TX. At Narvaez Beef Inc., you will find that we not only have a very wide variety of meats from different animals but also that the meats that we have are treated with a lot of delicacy and patience right from the farm and up to the package that you take away with you.

At the farm where the meat is produced, you will find that we have selected only the best farms to source the meat that we offer you. We do this because we know just how endangered your long-term health can be due to some of the chemicals that are added to the animal's diets. We want to make sure that the food that you take away with you from our store is guaranteed to be safe. Just to confirm that the fine-cut meats that we offer you are actually safe for your consumption, the foods are tested on a regular basis by federal officials. This alternative opinion from the highest authorities guarantees that we have your best interests at heart. This leaves one thing for you to do. You can take the meat home with you with a lot of confidence, cook it as you please and then enjoy your finger-licking meal.

The fine cuts that we offer you are also renowned in the Artesia Wells, TX area and beyond because they have a great taste and texture. The meat is cut by professional, well trained butchers who have the skills required to cut the meat and package it like it is meant to be. Our butchers take no shortcuts and don't take nor offer any compromises. This is what makes meat at Narvaez Beef Inc. the very best.