Fresh Fish For Sale

Catarina, TX

If you love to eat meat, then at Narvaez Beef Inc., in Catarina, TX, you will find that you will love our Meat Market. If you are wondering the reason for this, let us give you a few reasons why. For starters, we have a very wide variety of meats that you will love. Whether you are looking for beef, poultry or fish, we have something for you. In fact, we would bet that there is nothing that you will miss if you come to our store looking for meat. The second reason we think that you will love our store is that the meat is fresh and it lacks chemicals that are found in the meat offered by so many different meat vendors these days. This means that you can buy the meat at our store with confidence and you won't have to chance on the ill effects of these chemicals on your health. Thirdly, the meat is cut for your viewing pleasure so that you can see exactly what you are getting when you buy the meat from us. Additionally, the meat that you will get is hand-cut by a well-trained butcher and therefore the meat that you get on your plate when you cook it has been handled only by the best. Finally, if you just cannot wait to get home and then cook the meat, we have your back. You could go to the deli section in our store and look for a freshly cooked meal that you can enjoy right away; that includes one of our favorite cuts of meat.

Therefore, if you are in the Catarina, TX area, pay us a visit and come and see what a true meat market should be like. We promise that you will love your experience at our store and that you will most likely be inviting your friends and family to come and experience your great discovery.