Fine Cut Meats

Freer, TX

At Narvaez Beef Inc., in Freer, TX, we have a full-service deli that will make your mouth water and your stomach and mind crave for the food that you see. We have a wide range of great foods that you will be happy you came across. If you go to any of our stores, you can get great-quality fresh food from the deli section of our store. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that you don't have to go to a fast foods store anymore in order to find the food that you need to nourish your body. Additionally, if you are at work in the Freer, TX area and you are hungry at lunch time, you don't have to remain hungry because you didn't carry a freshly packed, wholesome meal from home. All you have to do is to come to our deli and we will be glad to give you a few options that will make you glad that you found our deli.
Additionally, if you want some great food for a group of people, you could simply make an order with us and we could have the food delivered to you at your location. Of course, if you prefer to pick it up from our store, that would be great too. If you want to see the menu for the day, stop by the shop and pick up a schedule of the meals that we shall have prepared for the different days of the week. This way, you will be able to plan for the meals that you prefer or choose something different if you find that you desire something else. Before we can conclude, we need to tell you something about why our food tastes so good. One reason is we of course have great cooks preparing the meals. The second reason is that we pick the ingredients used to prepare the meals in person and this means that the food has the freshest ingredients.