Hebbronville, TX

At Narvaez Beef Inc., Hebbronville, TX, we are the best beef market in the Narvaez Beef Inc. area and beyond. If you are looking for great-quality meat including beef, chicken, marinated meat, sausages, deli meats or fish, you will be able to find what you are looking for at our store. Our beef is the best in the Hebbronville, TX area simply because we offer the widest variety of fine cuts of meat for our customers. For example, if you want beef from our beef market, you will find that we have prime rib, London broil, fillet mignon, T-Bone Porterhouse, Ground Chuck, Top Sirloin and much more. When it comes to the chicken our variety ranges from hormone-free chicken, gluten-free and free range. The birds that we handpick for our meat market are fed with the highest-quality food. The high-quality food is made up of natural ingredients and not the chemicals that are likely to pass into your body system and bring you harm. For example, the corn that is used to feed the chicken is the finest American corn that is not treated with chemicals at all. This produces healthy chicken that has a great taste and one that is very healthy for your consumption.
Additionally, if you are looking for meat that has already been marinated and is ready for cooking, you can find it in our shelves as well. This marinated meat is a great advantage because it can save you a lot of time if you want to make a delicious meal and don't have much time. We know how long properly marinated meat can take to prepare and that is why we have marinated meat to save you some extra time when you need it. Of course, the marinade that we use is made from the best ingredients so that you can end up with a finger-licking taste once you cook the meat.