Cotulla, TX

At Narvaez Beef Inc., in Cotulla, TX, we have the best fresh produce that you can find in Cotulla, TX and beyond. You may be wondering how we can make such a grand claim. Well, for us the answer is simple. All the fresh produce that you find on our shelves is handpicked every day, just before you wake up early in the morning. Before the crack of dawn, you will find that our team of fresh produce stockers have filled our shelves with the freshest produce directly from the farms. That is why when you buy a firm tomato at our store, it will last longer, in the same fresh state than you would expect. In fact, if you refrigerate the fresh produce in our shelves, you will find that it holds up better than produce from other grocery stores simply because our produce was picked from the farm less than 24 hours before you bought it.
So, in short, we know we are the best when it comes to fresh produce because unlike other chain stores, we handpick our fresh produce every day. Chain stores have to buy in bulk just to be able to put the stock on the shelf. This usually means that they cannot vouch for the quality of produce that makes it to their shelves. Therefore, if you want fresh fruit or vegetables, save yourself the hustle of going to a chain store and just come to us and experience the high quality that we have to offer. Also, don't worry about the price. Our prices are quite competitive because we don't want to break your bank just to sell you high-quality produce. We want to sell you high-quality produce because you deserve it from us without us having to overcharge you for it.